Attiyat Allah Obituary in Talai' Khorasan

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There is a four page obituary for Attiyat Allah Al-Liby in the current edition of Talai' Khorasan, written by a certain Abu al-Bara'a al-Kuwaiti. Interesting! I have just read it, and for those of you interested in this sort of thing, here are a few points from the text that I found noteworthy (most of the text isn't exciting, as a matter of fact, but very redundant).

- So apparently Attiyat Allah was born in 1969 in Misurata in Libya
- One of his teachers is named as Abdallah al-Faqih
- But he also had several teachers in Mauretania
- In late 1988 he is said to have gone to Afghanistan and have joined al-Qaida, as a very early member, as the text notes. His base was Camp Jaji, at least then, it seems
- He is said to have taken part in the Khost campaign
- learned explosive techniques
- He then went to Algeria in 1995 to take part in the leadership of "Jihad" there. But this didn't work out well, it seems, and he left again for Afghanistan
- In 2006 Osama Bin Laden asked him to go to Iraq to lead the "Jihad" there "side by side" with Abu Mu'sab al-Zarqawi. But that also didn't work out, he never made it there.
- He again returned to Afghanistan and became the second man behind Mustafa Abu al-Yazid for five years
- He is then described, somewhat oddly, as the "Number Two" (or literally from the Arabic: "The second man") of the organization after the deaths of Bin Laden and Abu al-Yazid. Would love to know what this is supposed to mean exactly.
- He had two sons, the author says: Ibrahim, who died two years before him, and 'Issam, who died with him. Both were teenagers.
- He is portrayed as computer and internet savvy and is said to have read tech magazines.
- He is also described as the "engineer" of the attack of Abu Dajana al-Khorasani on the CIA base in Afghanistan.

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-August 22nd, 2012


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